Get Better Insight With This Free Organic Traffic Report

Get Better Insight With This Free Organic Traffic Report

Every website should have a Google Analytics account connected to it. But having access to it is one thing. Running reports and using the data to make things better, is a different story. This Organic Traffic Report can easily be run in Google Analytics to give you more insight.

Organic Traffic Report: By Channel

Here’s a few reports to give you more insight into your organic traffic. In Google Analytics, under Acquisition, go to All Traffic, then Channels. This will give you an overview of different types of channels.

Direct relates to people who directly typed in your url. Organic refers to people who searched for particular keywords on Google or other search engines and clicked on your organic listing (not paid ads). Referral refers to other websites that may be linking to you. Social refers to people finding you on social media and then coming through to your website. Display Ads and Paid Search both refer to paid advertising options.

Note: you can also click on a particular channel, such as Organic and expand your date range to a larger time frame so you can easily see if it’s improving or not. To help give you better perspective switch it from ‘day’ to ‘week’ or ‘month’ view.

organic traffic over time report

For a better perspective, change the report to week or month view


Google Search Console Integration For Better Organic Traffic Reports

To see which website pages of yours are receiving the most amount of search traffic, go to Acquisition > Search Console > Landing Pages.

Instead of seeing the organic traffic report, you may see something like this. Don’t fret. It’s pretty easy to enable these reports. First make sure that you have a Google Search Console account set up (formerly Webmaster Tools). Also, make sure you are an owner on that account via Search Console.

google analytics google search console integration

By integrating Search Console, you’ll gain better insights into your organic traffic

Go ahead and click on ‘Set up Search Console data sharing’. On the next page, under ‘Search Console’ click on ‘adjust search console’, click edit, then select the search console site to associate with Google Analytics. Go back into your original tab and save.

Note: If you don’t see your site listed when it opens up the list of sites, it’s probably because you’re not an owner. Get ownership of that site on Google Search Console and try again. Or if you set it up and associated it with the wrong site, you can easily fix that by going under Admin (top navigation) and clicking on Property Settings (under Property).

Once set up, you can get information on click through rates, bounce rates, conversion data, specific keywords and more!