How To Protect Your Emails On Your WordPress Website From Spam Bots

How To Protect Your Emails On Your WordPress Website From Spam Bots

If you have a website, there’s a good chance that your email address is listed somewhere on it (which it typically should be). However, unfortunately, you may have noticed that you receive a lot of spam emails that you never signed up for. What’s happening is things called bots (short for robots) scrape the web and pull out email addresses which then get used for spammers.

What Is the Solution?

Luckily, there are some ways to get around this. One of the simplest ways to encode your emails is to use the Email Address Encoder plugin. Simply install and activate the plugin. From a user perspective, it looks no different. Your email is still displayed and when a visitor clicks on it, it still opens up the mailto link and creates an email. However, from the bots perspective, the email address in encoded and harder for them to scrape.

For example: if you go to my homepage at¬†and look at the email at the top of the page in the header, you won’t see anything unusual. However, if you right click on the page and click ‘view page source’ and search for, you won’t find anything. Instead you’ll find

email encode wordpress

Spammers will just glance over it, but the functionality for your users remains.

It’s a much cleaner solution than completely removing your email or using something like ‘sales at boldwhite dot com’